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Watch out, there’s always a scam about

Jobs & Job Search

For some reason False, Fake or Scam roles seem to come in waves. There seems to be another surge at the moment. This is a letter I received from a connection explaining the experience they had applying for a Fake or Scam job. It may not seem like anything to some but, believe me, there are other examples where people have been caught hook line and sinker …


One resume is never enough …

Resume & CV Advice

A résumé is an employment tool, a document that paves the way towards an interview and/or a new job. That much can be hardly objected to. Indeed, if that were the only purpose of a résumé then I wouldn’t be writing this article. The truth is that there are many jobs and many résumés and only a very slender portion of each are suited to each other. Imagine an electrician applying for a position as a schoolteacher or vice versa. The situation is plainly absurd. So why aren’t you tailoring your résumé for each and every job you apply for?