Career Coaching

Career Coaching


Where do You Want to Go? We can help you get there

Starting with the creation of a bespoke campaign plan, we will be there every step of the way, creating your resumes, polishing your social media profiles, showing you how to find the right opportunities, assisting you with your applications & preparing you for interviews.



6 steps to career success


1 Campaign Creation

Setting a defined career plan taking you through all you personally need is key to getting the results you want. We will map out the 3 month campaign with action points and milestones to keep us both on target.

2 Resume Writing

To get started, we will produce your high performance, ATS Optimised resume for online applications & a graphically designed, striking version for direct applications.

3 Profile Building

Next it is time to clean up and perfect your social resume. We will create a seamless. professional career profile across all your social media so that potential employers & recruiters will be impressed.

4 Job Search

Learn how to keep control of your job search, find hidden jobs, create great relationships with recruiters, access all sources of opportunities and how to network professionally.

5 Job Applications

So many people fall at this hurdle. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen to you by showing you the right way to apply, creating winning cover letters for you & helping you with submissions.

6 Interview Guidance

Preparation is everything here so we will take you through common, behavioural and unusual questions and tell you, as recruiters, exactly what your interviewers are looking for.

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