Outplacement Programme

Outplacement Programme


More than just a duty of care

If you are restructuring or downsizing, our Outplacement Programmes provide your employees being made redundant with a unique advantage in the job market – teaching them the skills professional recruiters use on a daily basis to get them back into work quickly.


We take it personally

There are few things in life that are more personal than losing your job. The often devastating consequences of redundancy on finance, self-esteem, relationships and security means that the mere mention of the word instills a chill of fear in most people.

That’s why all our programmes are unique, one on one experiences for each of our clients.

Turning redundancy into opportunity

Hi Vis Box Outplacement focuses on integrated solutions to enhance the performance of your business and its individuals delivering services that include;

  • Pick up meetings post notification
  • Campaign planning for a 3 month period
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Job search techniques including Head Hunting
  • Interview preparation and advice
  • Salary negotiation

With Hi Vis Box Outplacement, you will know that you have more than delivered for those exiting your business whilst reassuring those that stay that you are an employer of choice.

Price per individual programme over 3 months. Group rates available on request.