Professional Resume Plus Cover Letter

Professional Resume Plus Cover Letter


Your complete application solution

Is there a great job you want to apply for? Ensure a perfect submission with a professionally written resume and a highly targetted cover letter.


Leave nothing to chance

A great resume can easily be let down by a poor cover letter when you are applying for a job.
Save money by ordering a resume and cover letter at the same time and you will get:


  • One resume specifically for online applications that will not be blocked by ATS
  • One graphically designed resume for direct applications
  • A highly targetted cover letter for the role you are applying for
  • eBook – How to Use LinkedIn for Jobsearch
  • eBook – Hi Vis Guide to Job Search
  • eBook – Hi Vis Guide to Interviews


Order now to immediately download your eBooks and we will be in touch directly to write your resume & cover letter.


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