Quick Resume Tips – How it should look and read

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Fashions come and go, but facts remain the same. When designing your resume, always remember what it’s number one job is – to get you that interview.

Don’t have a headshot

It seems to be trendy for resumes (templates) to include your photo.

Some recruiters reject resumes that include photographs to ensure there are no claims of discrimination.

Also, it’s another ATS no no.

Save the photograph for your online resume (LinkedIn)

Don’t use a functional resume format

If you have an unconventional work history and gaps, you may be considering using a functional resume format as it moves the eye away from work experience and onto skills and accomplishments instead.

Unfortunately, recruiters are wise to it and are therefore suspicious.

They will know somethings wrong and, again, ATS can’t enter your data fully and therefore rejection looms.

The Hybrid resume covers all bases

Have a profile followed by chronological work history with both duties and achievements and ATS will read it perfectly.

Try to include all dates including gaps with an explanation, training, travel etc.

ATS likes a complete history.


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About the Author

Mark Daniel is an international career counsellor and resume writer. Currently based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia, he is the co-founder of Hi Vis Box, the Hi Vis Club and the Hi Vis Hub, advising clients across the world. Predominately working in the oil & gas, mining and civil engineering sectors, he is a prolific publisher, contributing to a range of international industry magazines and his blog for over 20,000 LinkedIn followers. Proactively supports people throughout all stages of their career, but has been known to struggle if they support Manchester City.