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5 Steps to a Hi Vis Resume

We've been recruiting globally for 20 years so we know what recruiters and HR want - and don't want - to see on your resume. Let us write your resume for you. We'll do what we do best, so you can do the same.

1 Get a Free Resume Appraisal

It will be honest, it will be straight to the point and it will also include practical advice and tips on how you can edit your resume yourself should you want to go that route. You will know exactly what to do and, if your resume has a serious flaw, why it needs doing right now before you apply for anymore jobs..

2 Do a Little Bit of Homework

When you engage us to write your resume we will take a critical look at your current format and request further information from you where necessary. Don't worry - we just need that core information - we will be doing the writing for you.

3 Take a Look at Your First Draft

We will want you to read it through and give us feedback on any areas that you want to expand with additional information. Often people remember other things to include at this stage and that is fine. 

4 Perfect it with Unlimited Edits

We want you to be completely happy with the finished product so you will get a full 30 days of unlimited edits so that everything is just right.

5 Get Your Final Copies

One resume just isn't enough these days. That's why we give you 2 - one graphically designed version for direct applications that makes you stand out from the crowd, and another version just for online jobs that is totally plain so you won't get rejected by ATS.


Did a great job ...

My old resume was built in 1992 when I graduated from Uni. I kept slipping new jobs in as I moved through my career.

The advice to work on references helped me to network. That has been really good and created some new options and more people out looking for things. I think you did a great job. My new resume has a lot more polished look.

Keith Haley General Manager

My resume was out of date ...

My resume was out of date and didn’t have the wording that electronic systems look for. I absolutely recommend Hi Vis Box and I have already suggested a few work colleagues contact and have their resumes updated.

Fiona Malone Supply Chain Coordinator

Need to apply for a job right now?

If you are short on time, grab this overnight resume makeover pack with templates and eBooks so you can submit a perfect application to put you ahead of your competition...